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Alkyd oil stainless (Code: )

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Alkyd oil stainless
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Alkyd oil stainless Alkyd oil stainless Alkyd oil stainless
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Product feature: This primer is designed based on long alkyd resin oil and iron oxide powder and has iron oxide has anti-corrosion properties and as the first layer by creating a suitable thickness with an alkyd system to protect steel structures against semi-environmental factors Industrial, humid and sultry and urban environments are used and increase the adhesion of alkyd paints to the surface.

Surface preparation: Clean the surface using appropriate methods such as applying air pressure to the surface, washing with detergents or washing thinner.
If the surface of the previously painted layer is completely hard and polished, the use of mechanical methods such as sanding, wire brush or sandblasting is recommended to increase the surface roughness and achieve more adhesion.

Method of application: It is necessary to observe the appropriate time interval between the application of layers.
First, even the color with a mixer at a suitable speed.
After selecting the appropriate sprayer, dilute the paint mixture by gradually increasing the thinner to achieve the proper spraying viscosity.
Percentage of thinner used for dilution at 25 ° C:
Airless spray 0-10%
Air spray 10-20%
Brush and rollers 0-5%